2010HD single screening, original duration 06:27min. The word game; ` Fortunately, Unfortunately` is used as the main narration of this work. It tells a story of a man who lives with a pet bird in his studio apartment. From the bird`s point of view, the voice over describes the details of the man`s routine in his life. Along with the mechanical narration, we see the picture cards of everyday objects one after another. They are all embossed, manipulated in scale and have the disposable look. Each object, though seemingly mundane, begins to take on a more sinister and darker meaning as the man’s daily routine slips into a slothful existence brought on by his own uncontrollable excesses. This piece expresses the fears that through our own consumption our objects eventually own us, as they become stopgaps for what is lacking in our lives.   https://vimeo.com/114136408
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