2011 single screening original duration 06:22min. The work deals with a found picture album of during The Second Sino-Japanese War. The assemblage of what it seems as propaganda photographs tells very little about what has happened in the location of Wuhan, China around 1938. Rather, the images give a hint of young Japanese soldiers being in an excursion or field trip afar, posing proudly and having good times. Since it lacks written information and explanation of this souvenir like album, I tried to interpret by visually investigating the photographs. Over the decades passing, some of them are faded, torn, went moldy, disappeared, and even mysteriously ripped off from the album itself. Rearranging the sequence, cropping the size, blowing up, cutting or moving, I added the sound of sketch drawing as in tracing and studying the images. Instead of looking at the pictures as factual registration, I treat this album as a personal object and my intention is to de-packaging it .   Distributed by Filmbank, EYE film Institute Netherlands.  https://vimeo.com/114144868
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