3 channel video, original duration 20min. 2012 Inspired by the art critic John Berger's essay 'Seker Ahmet and the forest' (1979), the work deals with the subject of memory. The structure of the film is episodic, each scene is repeatedly interrupted by another in a disorienting manner. It explores a notion of fragmented narrative within a cinematic context. Relating to the issue of 'the building of the Burma-Siam railway' during WWII, the story mixes with reality and fiction, documents and illusions where past and present co-exist. The film consists of a sequence of different visual materials; a painting, drawings, archive photographs, scenes with actors and animals. These various textures are combined in the timeline, observed and interpret the subject, as well as questioning the sense of time and space.  Supported by Amsterdams fonds voor de kunst   https://vimeo.com/194797860
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