2004 Installation woodwork with hand made paper 150cm x 200cm/ video/ drawings  The theme of this work is ‘identity of the traveler’. I see the traveler as an unsettling and inversive existence, where the process of “I become another” is the constant experience. I have realized that traveling is more of an act of experience rather than understanding. It is an experience which not only stimulates the external self but to a large extent the inner self as well, as it eventually leads to questioning of one’s identity and the reason for its nomadic nature. Travelling through India by trains and state buses, there were many occasions that I found myself acting strange, incomprehensive and even absurd, which I believe was experiential in its own right. I suppose the works I present here reflect my thoughts and ideas during the course of my stay in India.  A paravan (screen) has different functions such as divider, decoration, or to create an extra space. I like to connect the idea of flexibility and mobility with the symbolic value of journey. One side of the screen includes 9 Indian languages stating “Repeat after me”. They are hand written on the patches of different papers such as banana leaf, rose flower, currency, stone wash and silk. On the other side has the same sentence in English printed out from the computer. The whole structure is foldable into a compact square size of 50cm x 50cm.  Supported by Mondiraan Foundation and Japan Foundation
paravan 1.JPG
paravan 4.JPG
paravan 5.JPG
 This video loop is about my interpretation of time and timelessness through traveling. I have visited several different places of worship where people put their time and effort to create something everlasting. The speed of the images in the video is modified in which I intend to emphasize the notion of moving and standstills.
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