DV single channel total duration 20 min.  Under the guidance of artist Joroslaw Kozlowski, 16 artists from Rijksakademie ( 11 different nationalities) stayed for 10 days in the village SKOKI, in Poland. Supposedly making art, we discuss our works, the art world and share everyday life. Far away from the art scene, we openly talk about the art world that we are all connected to. This documentation is not meant to be objective, it is edited from the perspective of the maker. “We are talking about position in art, attitude in art. When we discuss your work in your studios, we talk about specific things. Trying to talk about structure of the work, significance, importance and meanings of the work. And very little, we are touching the notion of attitude. The attitude which is always behind the work, which is very much hidden and not discussed.” -J. Kozlowski  Supported by Foundation Rijksakademie Amsterdam   https://vimeo.com/139694713
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